For groups who are looking for specific activities to do together - to adventure, learn together, or encounter something that they have never done before. Expert facilitation and attention to detail accompany these retreats. We’ll co-produce this event with you, choreographing unique activities, and sequencing them in ways that make sense for your group. These are turn-key events that we co-create with you, and then leave it to us to put the details together. You show up, and take part.

For example, you may want to do the following:

  • Have a morning yoga session followed by tea or coffee and nutritional local fruits

  • Go for a walk in a location that is intimate, off-the-beaten track and inspiring - waterfalls, quiet shorelines where others don’t go, gathering spots for birds, or perhaps a great view for a photograph.

  • Using this walking experience, we create opportunities to meet a maker (artist, songwriter, book-maker, print-maker) to create something personal that your group wants to do as a special activity. (Archery, cooking class, blend your own apple juice or wine)

  • Customized Earth Rhythms Outdoor Café - be it an outdoor wood-fired meal, catered lunch, or dinner at a winery. We enjoy the art of picnic, offered in the most unusual locations and featuring remarkable combinations of local ingredients.